Switching Equipment

3NP1133-1CA20 fuse switch disconnector
Price from 45.00 €
3RT1026-1BB40 contactor SIEMENS 11kW 24V DC
Price from 40.00 €
3RT1056-6AP36 SIEMENS contactor 90kW 400V 220-240V
Price from 120.00 €
3RT1064-6AP36 contactor 110kW 400V 220-240V
Price from 150.00 €
3RT1065-6AP36 contactor 132kW 400V 220-240V
Price from 190.00 €
3RT1066-6AP36 contactor 160kW 400V 220-240V
Price from 350.00 €
3RT1075-6AP36 contactor 200kW 400V 220-240V
Price from 450.00 €
3RT1076-6AP36 contactor 250kW 220-240V
Price from 980.00 €
3VT5716-3AA38-0AA0 circuit breaker
Price from 850.00 €
3VT9512-6AC00 overload protection
Price from 750.00 €
3VT9516-6AD00 overload protection
Price from 1,450.00 €
7KM2111-1BA00-3AA0 SENTRON PAC3200
Price from 250.00 €
7KM2112-0BA00-2AA0 SENTRON PAC3200
Price from 400.00 €
7KM2112-0BA00-3AA0 SENTRON PAC3200
Price from 210.00 €
7KM4212-0BA00-3AA0 SENTRON PAC4200
Price from 500.00 €
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